BMX is finally wheeling its way to Ubisoft’s massively multiplayer open world extreme sports game, Riders Republic. Beginning from 14th September, a new season of content will get underway, with the hotly anticipated sport added to the mix. You’ll be tricking out an entirely new zone, named Area 52, which will be filled with half-pipes, grind rails, and various other bits and pieces of trickable apparatus.

In addition, new brands are coming to the game – including Vans. You’ll be able to complete Sponsorships for some of these real-world labels, and unlock new gear and cosmetics to further personalise your own in-game rider. And if that’s not enough, the title’s currently free-to-play on PS5 and PS4, so check it out if you haven’t had a chance to hit the slopes yet.

Just as a note, you will need to own the Year 1 Pass to unlock the BMX as an additional sport, so prepare to pod out a bit extra if you don’t already own it.