The Last of Us Part I PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It’s time to take a trip to Bill’s Town – but this time on PS5. Ahead of the remake’s launch this week, Naughty Dog has released seven unedited minutes of The Last of Us: Part I gameplay, showcasing the new visuals and gameplay. There are several things to look out for in this clip, including the crawling infected and the general overhaul to the Bloater.

Annoyingly, due to YouTube’s age restriction features, we can’t embed the video on this page – but you can find it through here. We’ve included a small Twitter clip below as well:

Obviously this is fundamentally the same game in terms of encounter design, but everything looks smoother and visually impeccable. We’re particularly impressed with the 3D audio, which like most first-party PlayStation games, is out of this world. We’ll have a review imminently, so keep your eyes peeled for that.