Train Sim World 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Train Sim World 3, the rail simulation sequel from Dovetail Games, will launch next week on both PS5 and PS4 – and its Trophies have hit Sony’s servers in preparation. Fans of the series will know it’s renowned for its enormous Trophy lists – Train Sim World 2 has a whopping 255 gongs to collect – and this latest entry is no different.

The British developer has trimmed the achievements slightly, bringing the total down to 174 Trophies overall. Of course, you’ll need to have purchased DLC expansions to unlock most of these, as all of the content from Train Sim World 2 can be ported into the new version. You’re still going to need to invest tens of hours to unlock some of these.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that the harder Trophies have been pushed out to DLC – meaning you can earn the Platinum relatively easily. The most challenging trinket will be racking up 500 miles in a specific locomotive, but considering the equivalent in Train Sim World 2 required you to achieve 10,000 miles – well, this is much more attainable, isn’t it?

The new game is packing a ton of fresh features by the way, including dynamic weather and a completely refreshed user interface. Will you be turning your master key in the direction of this title? Arrive at your destination on time in the comments section below.