The delightfully relaxing Train Sim World 2 is about to get a whole lot more intense, with the addition of new weather effects in a vastly improved sequel, Train Sim World 3. Due out on the PS5 and PS4 from 6th September – with early access available to those who pre-order – the new release will “continue to break new ground in realism with new weather dynamics, longer routes, and a dedicated Training Center designed for new and experienced players alike”.

First and foremost, it’s important to stress that all of your content from Train Sim World 2 will convert across. “Players of Train Sim World 2 and its add-ons will be able to continue enjoying its wealth of routes and locomotives, ensuring a smooth transition between titles. Future add-ons will also see locomotives ‘decoupled’ from their routes, allowing more freedom in being able to operate purchased locomotives beyond their intended setting.” However, it should be noted that Train Sim World 3’s new features will not be compatible with the older routes – at least not at launch, anyway.

So, what is the new game adding? Well, the flagship feature appears to be a completely reworked weather system. The press release explains: “Train Sim World 3 features a brand-new dynamic weather system delivering beautiful volumetric skies, all powered by a new lighting system enhancing realism and immersion. Trains can now be driven through the extremes of weather: snow, thunderstorms, and even the dreaded leaves on the line, each altering the driving experience and requiring players to pay close attention to track conditions.”

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In addition, you can look forward to longer routes: the Southeastern Highspeed is getting expanded, while the Kassel - Würzburg route will span a whopping 187 kilometres – a new record for the series. California’s Cajon Pass will also be included in the standard release, while a Deluxe Edition will include an upgraded Spirit of Steam, too.

There’ll be a new Training Centre, too, designed to teach you the basics of operation. “With new gamers continually being introduced to the world of trains and new locomotives being added for experienced players, this feature is designed to ease everyone into the satisfying experience of operating large, powerful machines.”

If you don’t want to pod out for the full game, a series of cheaper Starter Packs will be available, which will include the new Training Centre as well as one route expansion. These will cost £29.99/$39.99, so offer a cheaper means of getting into the game, and one of the Starter Packs will include Spirit of Steam if you’d like to get started with that particular add-on pack.

We’re a little surprised the developer is releasing a new client so soon, but we’re happy all of the content from Train Sim World 2 will carry across. Ultimately, we need to test the impact of the new weather systems ourselves to determine whether this sequel is justified, but it sounds interesting and immersive on paper. Will you be upgrading your game, or do you think the additions sound a little lightweight?