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Update: Publisher Private Division has sent us a statement on Rollerdrome’s trial time discrepancy: “The PS Store page displays a one-hour estimation for Rollerdrome's PS Plus Premium Game Trial length,” a spokesperson said. “The actual play time limit for the trial is 35 minutes which provides an introductory experience akin to a demo. We encourage anyone who is interested in Rollerdrome to give it a try.”

Based on the statement, we pondered whether Rollerdrome was just tracking gameplay towards the 35 minutes, so decided to check it out. After accepting the privacy policy and sitting on the menu for a couple of minutes, we observed that we only had 32 minutes of our trial left. Therefore, you’re definitely only getting 35 minutes with the software open.

Rollerdrome PS Plus PS5 4

Make of it all what you will!

Original Story: The only perk for PS Plus Premium members in August is a one-hour full game trial of exciting extreme sports shooter Rollerdrome – except the company is actually only offering 35 minutes. We downloaded the trial, which is clearly marked as a full one-hour for members of the platform holder’s most expensive subscription, but upon loading the game were informed we could play for just 35 minutes. Many others have illustrated the same issue.

It’s likely that this is just an error, and will be rectified in due course – but it’s yet another example of the company’s carelessness. Last month, it took several days for the manufacturer to allow members to download Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, after the PS4 version had previously been given away. We understand mistakes can occur, but there’s an overall sloppiness to the PS Store these days that tots up over time.

We’ll contact the company and update should this be resolved. In the meantime, don’t let this deter you from trying out the game – we reckon it’s ace.