Disney + Spotify PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Key multimedia apps on the PS5 like Spotify and Disney+ have utilised backwards compatible PS4 code, but it looks like they’ll be replaced by native versions soon. PS Store sleuth PlayStation Game Size spotted a new version of the music streaming app on Sony’s back-end, and while there’s no release date just yet, we imagine it’ll be imminent. Ultimately, while this is unlikely to bring many major improvements, it should be smoother than the existing version.

A PS5 version of Disney+ is also in testing, under the codename Vader. This is actually a more anticipated update, as the current version of the streaming service does not support 4K playback on Sony’s new-gen console – a colossal oversight that should have been rectified already.

In other related news, if you’re an HBO Max subscriber then you can currently download a new version of the app, which runs natively on the latest PlayStation console. Do keep in mind that if you already have the service installed, you’ll need to head to the PS Store and download the new version, as this is a brand-new app as opposed to an update.

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