Stray PS5 PS4

Stray was the most downloaded PS5 game last month in the USA and Canada, largely thanks to its day one inclusion in PS Plus Extra. It also racked up the most downloads on PS4 in the region and charted highly across Europe for the two platforms. The stats were shared earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, with the blog post revealing F1 22 also did very well for itself.

Another recent release proving popular is MultiVersus, which was the most downloaded free-to-play title in the USA and Canada for July. It was the second most popular game in Europe, only missing out on top spot to Fall Guys. Our MultiVersus guide has everything you need to know if you're playing the fighting game. It's then business as usual in the PSVR space: Beat Saber and Job Simulator dominate first and second.

While there was a lot of interest in Stray before release, it's unlikely the feline simulator would have come anywhere close to topping the PS Store sales charts without the help of PS Plus Extra. Social media stardom helped put it on everyone's radars, and then Sony's revamped service allowed everyone to play it with an active subscription. Stray has also proved popular on PC, where its concurrent players on Steam topped 60,000 around launch.

It quickly become publisher Annapurna Interactive's most popular game ever, and players were experiencing a quality title too — our Stray PS5 review landed on an 8/10. "Pairing a common pet with moody sci-fi has worked well, resulting in a unique, engaging game with strengths that outshine its flaws," we concluded.