The second big monthly batch of PS Plus Extra games are available to download now, expanding the service by another 12 PS5, PS4 titles. They are all up in Europe right now, and will be rolled out to other territories like the USA and Canada throughout the day. You can head on over to the PS Store to redeem them, or use the dedicated PS Plus tab on PS5.

As a reminder, here's every PS5, PS4 game joining the lineup of All PS Plus Games this month via PS Plus Extra:

PS Plus Extra: August 2022

Unfortunately, no PS Plus Premium games were included in the August 2022 batch of titles. 29 per cent of you voted you're "mostly happy" with this month's selection in the latest Push Square poll, but the reaction to Sony's choice not to include any PS Plus Premium games hasn't gone down well. Metro Exodus, Trials of Mana, and Yakuza 0 are the games you're most excited to play, each garnering more than 10 per cent of the overall vote.