Fortnite loves a good celebrity skin, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the latest superstar to be immortalised in the battle royale. Much like tennis player Naomi Osaka recently, the Super Bowl MVP will come in a variety of different styles – including one with a gladiator helmet. You’ll be able to change his look as you like.

There’ll also be some accessories available, including the Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling, which you get with the skin itself. Other items include the Snap Axes Pickaxe, the Endzone Elite Wrap, and Showtime Emote. To be honest, none of the cosmetics even relate to football, so we’re not really sure what to think of this set.

Patrick Mahomes PS5 PlayStation 5 2

This is especially true of the Mahomes Saucy Style skin, in which you can kit the NFL icon out in a ketchup decorated suit – and even cap it off with a bottle of tomato sauce as Back Bling. “One day, you’re scrambling, the next, you’re putting ketchup on scrambled eggs,” a blog post reads. “It wouldn’t be a Mahomes rest day if he wasn’t eating something with ketchup on it.”

Sure, if you say so, Fortnite.