The Last of Us: Part I's release is imminent, with the gorgeous-looking remake set to launch on PS5 in just a few short days, on 2nd September. We've had a launch trailer, and another looking at the impressive suite of accessibility options coming to the title, and today we got a more introspective look at what it was like for developer Naughty Dog to remain true to the legacy of the original release of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us: Part I features major graphical enhancements, including expanded animations, with rebuilt character models to better align with the presentation of The Last of Us: Part II. In addition, AI has been revamped, with the devs promising that encounters will play out differently. While this might not be a huge draw for players who have played the game recently, it's an impressive achievement that will preserve the legacy of the franchise for years to come.

Will you be picking up The Last of Us: Part I when it launches? How do you think it compares to the original? Don't let it all be for nothing in the comments section below.