Midnight Fight Express is a chaotic 3D brawler which emphasizes bone-crunching and brutal melee combat. It's set to release early next week, on PS5 and PS4, on 23rd August.

In a new trailer detailing the game's combat system, we learn the ins and outs of cracking skulls. Midnight Fight Express uses a combat style reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, chaining together attacks, countering opponents, and unleashing explosive finishers to devastate the opposition.

Certain enemies will have specific defences that you will need to overcome, whether this is due to the weaponry they carry, or by virtue of their sheer physical size. You can enter a rage state, moving faster and hitting harder, allowing you to clear entire rooms, provided you don't get hit.

Midnight Fight Express is looking like it's going to be a cracking action game, and we can't wait to get our meaty paws on it. Check out this Midnight Fight Express mocap-making-of trailer to learn how the sausage gets made.

What do you think, will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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