Midnight Fight Express is a gritty action game that we have had our eye on ever since it was revealed at least years Gamescom, and its 23rd August release date is fast approaching.

In a trailer detailing the mocap work that went into the game, stuntman Eric Jacobus (perhaps best known for bringing Kratos' awesome physicality to life in God of War) takes us through the process of creating the animations and action we see in the game.

There is an extensive write-up over on the PlayStation Blog detailing the process, and it's fascinating reading for anyone interested in the art of motion capture.

Developed mostly by a single man, Jacob Dzwinel, Midnight Fight Express is an indie brawler inspired by the iconic action movies of the 80s. The combat looks incredible, and we can't wait to throw some hands ourselves when we get to play this one.

What do you think of Midnight Fight Express? Do you think you would have what it takes to do motion capture work? Deliver body blows in the comments section below.

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