We've been writing about Lost Soul Aside since 2016, back when it was just a one-man indie project, just before it was snapped up by Sony. The incredibly flashy Devil May Cry-esque action game has been in and out of the news cycle over the years, with its most recent reappearance confirming that it'll be coming to PS5 as well as PS4.

But where is it now? Well, some people were expecting it to show up at ChinaJoy 2022 — the Shanghai-based gaming expo that's currently ongoing — but the game's official Twitter account has confirmed that it won't be there.

The developer goes on to reassure fans that "things are proceeding smoothly" despite the recent lack of communication surrounding the project. Fortunately, the post concludes with some promising news: "There is a big chance that you hear from us before 2022 ends!"

Here's hoping that the plan sticks and we get our Lost Soul Aside fix in the near future. Until then, though, lets us know if you're still hyped for this long awaited action game in the comments section below.

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