Sky: Children of the Light PS5 PS4

It has been more than a long time coming, but Journey developer thatgamecompany has confirmed it's finally bringing Sky: Children of the Light to PS5, PS4 in the future. Work on the port is currently underway following an original launch on Apple devices in 2019, before Android smartphones received the title a year later and then Nintendo Switch in 2021.

In a blog post on the game's official website, it's also confirmed the PlayStation versions will feature cross-play support with all other versions of the title. "Our goal throughout Sky’s development has been to expand the game so that players can gather in Sky no matter what platform they play on," the article reads.

A port to Sony systems has always been on the cards for thatgamecompany, but the new update shared by the team confirms "work has begun" on these new versions.

Released a whole seven years after PS3 masterpiece Journey, the game expands on its predecessor's online elements by allowing up to eight other players to come together in multiplayer. From there, they can fly about an abandoned realm and explore. That's the name of the game, really: explore, and find more abilities so you can explore some more.

In its Sky: Children of the Light Nintendo Switch review, our sister site Nintendo Life handed the game an 8/10 rating and concluded: "The visuals are simply stunning, whether you’re playing in handheld mode or on the big screen, and the variety of the game’s different worlds provides more than enough incentive to explore. The social aspect is solid, and the game’s unique ability to foster bonds with complete strangers is frankly a marvel."

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