Hogwarts Legacy PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Sony’s marketing arrangement with spellbinding PS5 and PS4 game Hogwarts Legacy will extend to an exclusive quest – although this is the first we’re hearing of it. Fans spotted an additional bullet point on PS Store pre-orders for the game, and the tidbit has since been confirmed by developer Avalanche’s community manager, Chandler Wood.

“The PlayStation exclusive quest comes with any PlayStation version of the game,” he confirmed. “It is not tied to pre-orders. Pre-orders on PlayStation will get you the Felix Felicis potion recipe. More details are coming soon.” It’s unclear whether the aforementioned potion recipe will be exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game as well, but the wording implies it may be.

Much like previous PlayStation extras, like Spider-Man’s exclusivity in Marvel’s Avengers, this is unlikely to go down well with fans on other platforms. The upshot is we imagine the additional content will be largely inconsequential, as these exclusives often tend to be. Nevertheless, it’s another good reason to pre-order on PS5 and PS4, eh?

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