Gravity Rush Film

In yet another movie-related headline you did not expect to read: Deadline reports PlayStation Productions has a Gravity Rush film in the works. This follows on from an article claiming Sony also has a Days Gone flick lined up with Outlander actor Sam Heughan playing Deacon St. John. This latest report is lighter on details but says Anna Mastro will direct the film while Emily Jerome writes the script.

Mastro has various credits on Gossip Girls, Shameless, and Secret Society of Second Born Royals while Jerome wrote the upcoming thriller Panopticon starring Anthony Mackie. A producer hasn't been picked yet and it's unclear whether PlayStation Productions will actually distribute the movie or not.

Hot on the heels of claims Days Gone will be turned into a motion picture, a Gravity Rush film is another interesting pick from Sony since the series has died a quiet death after Gravity Rush 2 launched in early 2017 and its developer Japan Studio was shut down. It also begs the question: will this be a live-action or animated movie? The latter seems to fit the franchise better, but Sony might have other ideas for the series with a small but committed fanbase.

What do you make of this latest claim? Would you watch a Gravity Rush film on the big screen? Fly into the comments below and check out our All PlayStation Productions Movies and TV Shows guide for more information.