Off the back of a new trailer presented at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, Avalance Software has shared the pricy Hogwarts Legacy collector's edition. Costing £274.99 on PS4 and £279.99 on PS5, you'll get a copy of the game in a steelbook case and a magic wand that floats in the air when placed above a book detailing the layout of the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The video above shows you how Muggle technology makes it work.

Pre-orders will go live tomorrow at 8am PT/4pm BST, but you can also cop the standard digital version off the PS Store at the same time. This comes in at a more reasonable £64.99 on PS5, and pledging money ahead of time will grant you access to an Onyx Higgogriff Mount after completing a specific quest.

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A Deluxe Edition will then cost you £10 extra and gives you three days of early access and the Dark Arts Pack containing cosmetic items and a Thestral Mount. There's also a battle arena where you can test your magical might against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

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