Cult of the Lamb Game Pass Xbox Sony PlayStation 1

God, how do these rumours gain traction? It would appear that people are incapable of using their brains. Following on from Microsoft’s insinuation that Sony is paying to keep games off Xbox Game Pass – a notion that’s already misleading, as the Redmond firm is really referring to bog-standard marketing deals – a podcast rumour claimed that PlayStation had paid to prevent Cult of the Lamb from being included in the service.

Considering the game doesn’t have a marketing deal with Sony and is not one of All PS Plus Games, the suggestion that the company would pay to purposefully prevent a release from being included in a rival subscription is already ludicrous – but it would appear that the source, Gary Whitta who was speaking on a Kinda Funny livestream, got the information from a Twitter account with 28 followers! Of course, that didn’t stop the paper-thin rumour from spreading all around the Internet, and even being picked up by many reputable news websites.

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Recognising the furore, Devolver Digital was forced to put out a statement, telling The Gamer the story “is absolutely untrue”.

There have been a string of these bad faith rumours of late, none of which make any sense and insist on painting PlayStation in the worst possible light. We’re not saying the organisation’s business practices are perfect – far from it – but we’re not entirely sure why the firm is being heralded as some kind of supervillain when thus far its rival is the only one to buy up an entire publisher and make its output permanently exclusive. Strange.

Cult of the Lamb, meanwhile, has had no trouble flogging copies outside of any subscription service – it’s already totted up over one million sales, following its warm critical reception.