It's a big day for Destiny 2 players, we got the reveal of the next major expansion, Lightfall, and the news that Season 18, Season of Plunder, would begin immediately. In addition, we learned that OG Destiny's King's Fall raid would be making a glorious return.

Season of Plunder is casting Guardians as intergalactic pirates, with various activities and gear to reflect this status. Stage daring raids on Fallen ships in order to pilfer their valuable booty, pilot your own Fallen Ketch, dig for buried treasure with the new drill, and chase down ancient pirate captains in their formidable holdfasts.

Arc 3.0 will also be introduced, finally revamping the Light subclass and bringing it into line with the others already present in the game. The MSQ will progress, inching ever forwards towards the events of Lightfall. Eramis has returned, and players will need to work with Mithrax and Spider to bring an end to her ambitions once and for all.

The Kings Fall raid will open on 26th August, and you can check out the trailer below to board the hype train.

Are you planning on jumping into Season of Plunder's new activities? Are you excited for the return of King's Fall? Form a fireteam in the comments section below.