The original XIII for PS2 wasn’t exactly an outstanding shooter, but it’s etched into the memories of many due to its distinctive cel-shaded artstyle. When French firm Microids brought it back for PS4, then, there was some nostalgic excitement from those who remembered the original. Unfortunately, the project was a bit of a disaster.

Kudos to the company for putting things right, however. It’s brought in a new developer, Tower Five, to completely overhaul the project – and optimise it for the PS5 through backwards compatibility. This includes a revised art style more in line with the comic book feel of the original, as well as altered AI and even 60fps support on Sony’s new-gen console. There’ll also be online multiplayer.

Obviously it’s been two years since this game first released, so it remains to be seen whether interest is still there. But you have to commend the publisher for reinvesting in this after the original flopped. Yes, it shouldn’t have released in the state it did to begin with – but it could have just drawn a line under the project and moved on. At least this way, fans will get to play the game they originally anticipated.