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MultiVersus has taken the world by storm; it's currently the biggest fighting game on the planet, and is second only to Stray in terms of popularity, going off of PSNProfile's admittedly small sample size and associated Trophy data.

Players that had purchased a Founder's Pack began playing last week as a part of MultiVersus' open beta early access period and had their pick of four free characters, that is, characters that are unlocked from the moment you boot the game up. Those characters were Shaggy, Taz, Jake and Harley Quinn.

There was some confusion, then, when the open beta update went live for everyone this week, and the roster of free characters had changed. The starting squad now consists of Superman, Finn, Garnet and Reindog.

Some early access players were concerned that their progress had been reset, as was the case during the game's closed alpha, which took place back in May.

Confused, some took to social media looking for answers. Warner Bros Games Director of Social and Community Nikki Grantham clarified the situation, in an announcement over on the MultiVersus Discord server:

“Starting today, we’ll have a new section of our roster that will be free to all players that will change every two weeks. Character progression you earn with these characters beginning from Early Access during this timeframe will be saved, so when they’re back in rotation – or if you unlock them with in-game Gold – you’ll be able to continue right where you left off."

“Moving forward, character progression will not reset. All characters will always be unlockable with in-game earnable Gold again when they come out of the free character preview rotation. If you played during the Early Access period, all of your progression to all of the characters you played during July 19-25 is saved. So, no worries if you can’t unlock all of the characters you played before; you’ll keep and resume your progress once they’re in the free rotation, or if you unlock them.”

So a little confusing, but if you played during the beta's early access period in the last week, you have not lost the progress you made with those characters. However, you will need to unlock them again. This can be done either with Gold (which you earn by completing matches), using the paid Gleamium currency or simply waiting until they're back in the free rotation. You can check out our guide for more information.

Are you playing MultiVersus? Did you play during either the closed alpha, or the early access open beta? Share your current main in the comments section below.

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