Valkyrie Elysium PS5 PS4

The PlayStation Store page for Square Enix RPG Valkyrie Elysium is claiming the game will release on 29th September 2022. A new trailer sporting the release date has also reportedly leaked, but has since been taken down. Should these details prove to be true, then it's likely the Japanese publisher plans to make the announcement in the near future.

If Valkyrie Elysium is indeed slated to arrive for PS5, PS4 in late September, then it makes what is already a busy period for Square Enix even busier. Within the space of just five weeks, the company has The DioField Chronicle, Forspoken, and Star Ocean: The Divine Force all on its docket. Expand the net to other platforms and Harvestella joins the list for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Confirming the leaked trailer's existence, the game's official Twitter account posted:

Valkyrie Elysium hasn't been seen or heard from since its State of Play reveal back in March, but with recent age ratings doing the rounds, it appears Square Enix is in the final stages of development and thus close to a release. As a follow-up to PS1 RPG Valkyrie Profile, it's been a long time coming for fans. We'll update this article should Square Enix share confirmation of the aforementioned release date.