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Update: Roller Champions is not getting cancelled, according to the game’s team, and “Ubisoft fully supports” the project. The statement follows potentially damaging speculation that the release is on the chopping block. Industry insider Jeff Grubb said that it would be cancelled after its third season, which to be fair, is still a little way away.

The game’s first season, which is currently ongoing, will be extended while the developer works on some underlying issues and address fan feedback. However, it promises that it has “exciting stuff planned” for future seasons, and that it’ll keep everyone updated as it “rolls forward”. So, it seems like the project’s safe for now.

Rumours like this are incredibly damaging as, where live service multiplayer games are concerned, they can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s reassuring, then, that this one has been quashed so quickly.

Original Story: We get the distinct impression it’s not been the best year for publisher Ubisoft, and the hits just seem to keep coming. Roller Champions, the publisher’s long-in-development free-to-play futuristic sports game, could already be on the chopping block. That’s despite the release officially rolling out just a couple of months ago, after originally being announced in 2019.

News comes by way of Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who revealed on the Xbox Era podcast that sources have told him the title will be cancelled after Season 3. The title’s first full season, with a disco theme and a couple of new maps, is currently underway, suggesting the end is still a little while away if this news is true. As a counter-point, the company recently told investors that the title was tracking ahead of Hyper Scape, although the Battle Royale was unceremoniously shut down earlier this year.

While we must admit we haven’t touched Roller Champions beyond launch, we can’t help but feel for the people at Ubisoft Montreal who spent three years working on the title only for it to already be on the way out. We’ll check in with the firm to see if it has any official statements to share, but Grubb tends to have a reliable track record.

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