Ubisoft Cancelled Games 1

What is going on at Ubisoft right now? We’re getting bad vibes from the publisher at the minute, so we hope all is okay on the inside. Following on from Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s delay, the French publisher has confirmed that it’s cancelled four games – including the free-to-play Ghost Recon Frontline, which was due out on PS5 and PS4.

The Battle Royale, which was only announced less than a year ago, was pretty poorly received when it was originally revealed – but has had a handful of betas in 2022. It’s now no longer for this world. The same is true of Splinter Cell VR, which was announced for Meta Quest alongside an Assassin’s Creed spin-off a couple of years ago. It looks like the latter is safe for now, while a PS5 remake of the original Splinter Cell is still in development as well.

The two other games the publisher has cancelled were unannounced, so we’ll probably never know what they entailed – unless the details leak, of course. It’s worth remembering that, while it’s unusual for announced games to get cancelled, projects get shuffled around internally all the time – and we don’t even know how far along these two additional titles were.

Nevertheless, it’s a strange period for Ubisoft, which seems to be struggling a little bit – at least from our perception. Its maligned Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake has effectively been rebooted, and while Skull and Bones is finally coming out later this year, it’s taken an eternity for the publisher to steady that project’s ship.

Of course, a September livestream is scheduled to reveal the “future” of Assassin’s Creed, with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Basim tipped to be the protagonist of a brand new title. How are you feeling about the current state of Ubisoft? Do these project cancellations concern you, or is it all par for the course when it comes to game development?

[source gamespot.com]