Skull and Bones is the lost-gestating live-service pirate sim from Ubisoft Singapore, that finally got its 2022 unveiling ahead of its release later this year. It feels pretty weird to even have a release date in sight after so many delays and reported internal reboots, but it looks like all sails are raised this time around.

With that being said, we got a pretty decent look at the game ahead of that November release, including a ton of info on all the fun pirate shenanigans you’ll be getting up to as you take to the high seas.

To save you the hassle of perusing the internet for drabs of information, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of facts over on the Push Square YouTube channel. Head over there for an informative 31 facts about the game, which cover everything from editions to gameplay features.

We’ve been waiting for an expansive sea-fairing adventure like Skull and Bones for quite some time, especially over here on the lands of PlayStation (here’s looking at you Sea of Thieves). We are hoping that the game will capture the magic of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, which delivered a surprisingly robust pirate experience all the way back in 2013. However, it will be interesting to see how successfully Ubisoft is able to implement those live service elements into it all.

Have a watch of the video and let us know what you are thinking down below. Is Skull and Bones looking like it will be worth the wait? Or has its ship of opportunity long since sailed?