The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition has been dated for release on 6th September 2022, marking exactly six years since the original PS4 curio debuted. Developed and published by Q-Games after the studio reclaimed the rights, this new version is marching to PS4, with enhancements for those playing on PS5.

Over on the PS Blog, Dylan Cuthbert talks about some of the new features. There will be new islands to mine for resources, as well as mysterious Monoliths that can take you to unknown new places. A grappling hook is a new bit of equipment that looks like it'll make traversing the Void and those weird islands far easier.

Furthermore, the game will also include an offline mode with AI-controlled comrades, so there's less worry about a repeat of the server shutdown that scuppered the original release. There's plenty more to learn about on the PS Blog, so give it a look if you're interested.

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