Update: The footage of the heartbreaking introductory cutscene of The Last of Us: Part I is quickly being taken down across the web, but we've found a re-upload in the YouTube video above. Expect this one to be pulled too before long.

Original story: The infamous introductory sequence of The Last of Us: Part I has leaked more than a month before the PS5 remake's release date. Embedded below, you can prepare the tissues ahead of time as the emotional scene between Joel and Sarah is displayed in 4K. Of course, if you haven't played the original PS3 game or its remaster, then beware of spoilers.

The one good thing about this leak is we have another piece of the game to compare to the visuals of the 2013 title, with the PS5 remake representing a huge leap in graphical fidelity. The same was said when Naughty Dog officially compared Tess in another pivotal cutscene. Other screenshots from The Last of Us: Part I have also leaked, which you can check out through here.

Just be quick about it because there's a good chance the video above and leaked images could be pulled in the near future. What do you make of this latest clip? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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