Stray PS5 PS4

Stray is embracing everything it means to be a cat with its Trophy list, tasking you to meow 100 times, sleep for over an hour, jump 500 times, and mark your territory with scratches in order to unlock the Platinum Trophy. The game's Trophy list has popped up on Exophase, confirming it does indeed have a Platinum gong to call your own.

It looks like a very achievable one, too, which means the completion percentage could be high thanks to its inclusion in PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on day one. Alongside story-related Trophies, you must also find every collectible, do specific things in certain areas, and die nine times. There's also a Gold Trophy for finishing the game in less than two hours, suggesting there's a very quick core path if you know what you're doing.

Will you be trying to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Stray? Start planning your approach ahead of the 19th July 2022 release date in the comments below.