In Cult of the Lamb, you must repay a debt to an ominous stranger by forming a cult in his name, converting unbelievers (by the sword if necessary), and sacrificing the unfaithful to your new dark master.

Also, you are a lamb. Probably worth mentioning.

We got another look at this fantastic game in action and learned the ins and outs of cult life. You can brainwash prospective followers, change their form, teach them the doctrines of your faith, and make them disappear if they ever step out of line.

Cult of the Lamb looks like a heck of a good time, and we will be looking forward to our conversion when the game launches on PS5 and PS4 on 11 August. We got an extended look at gameplay back in April, so check that out if you haven't.

Are you excited to start your own woodland cult? Brainwash us in the comments section below.