Cult of the Lamb has looked very intriguing since its Gamescom debut last year, and we're super curious to check it out when it arrives on PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year. In the meantime, though, Game Informer has an exclusive gameplay video, showing off about 17 minutes of the cartoonish title while also firing questions at creative director Julian Wilton.

If you've been wondering exactly how the game is structured, it's actually a pretty interesting combination of things. One half of the title sees you going out into the wilderness, fighting monsters and bosses while collecting perks and weapons to aid your run. It will probably look familiar to fans of rogue-like dungeon crawlers. However, the second half of the game revolves around finding followers to join the titular cult.

Between runs, you'll return to your cult's settlement, and any followers you've recruited can be put to work. The game turns into a sort of base builder; you and your cult members can gather resources and construct equipment and buildings, all with the goal of improving the base, earning more followers, and making you stronger. So, going out and doing some dungeon crawling has a purpose — you're looking to bring back new followers and build yourself up to become tougher and delve further into the hostile world.

It looks like a promising combination. Moonlighter is mentioned in the video as a comparison, and there are definitely similarities. Your dungeon adventures are in service to the more peaceful half of the game, and vice versa. Hopefully this isn't too far away, as it's looking pretty good.

Will you be drawn in by the Cult of the Lamb on PS5 and PS4? Join us in the comments section below.