After days of The Last of Us: Part I cutscene and gameplay leaks, Sony and Naughty Dog have published a 10-minute deep dive into the development of the PS5 remake. The video covers the project extensively, sharing many comparison shots between the PS4 Pro and PS5 versions.

Along with gameplay, some of the top-level features included in the PS5 remake are a permadeath mode, a dedicated mode for speedrunning, many new unlockable costumes for both Joel and Ellie, and more than 60 accessibility options — one of the biggest being audio description. There's also a model viewer.

In the video, Niel Druckmann says: "More than two years ago, when we were finishing The Last of Us: Part II and we were working on those flashback scenes from the first game, we got excited with the idea of 'oh man, what if we made The Last of Us: Part I to look as good — if not better — than what we've done with The Last of Us: Part II?' [...] We felt like if we do that we could actually come even closer to our original vision of what the first game would have been has we not been constrained by technology."

Much of the deep dive focuses on gameplay changes, including a feature called motion matching, PS5 DualSense controller support with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers implemented, and the workbench animations taken from The Last of Us: Part II.

The remake will release for PS5 on 2nd September 2022. Pre-orders are available now.