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Immortals Fenyx Rising will receive a spinoff instead of a sequel, and the title will be "less of a copy of Breath of the Wild", according to journalist Jeff Grub.

Grubb revealed the information while speaking on the Games Mess Decides podcast, citing a source he expressed confidence in, stating:

“Ubisoft Quebec‘s sequel to Immortals Fenyx Rising is not a proper sequel. It’s more of a spin-off. The production name of the game is called Oxygen. It’s based on Hawaiian Polynesian culture this time around. It still has a God narrator. They try to still be visually stylised but it’s less of a copy of Breath of the Wild. It’s in early pre-production, seen some concept art, it’s coming maybe 2025.”

Grubb indicated that his source had prior knowledge of the cancellation of Ghost Recon Frontline, news which was announced just before the recording of the podcast

This somewhat lines up with reporting from earlier in the year, when dozens of Ubisoft titles, including what we presumed would be an Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel, were supposed to have been shown off at a showcase, ultimately never materialised.

It's a pretty interesting premise, if true, and it would be a refreshing change to see different mythology explored. The Olympian gods have had their time in the sun, and it could be argued that the Asgardians are also reaching an oversaturation point.

We thought Immortals Fenyx Rising was a good game for what it was, with basic but enjoyable combat hampered by some frustrating puzzles. You can read our full thoughts on the title in our review.

What do you think of this possible spin-off title, known internally as Oxygen? What are your thoughts on Immortals Fenyx Rising, in retrospect? Debate the nature of the universe in the comments section below.

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