Brawlhalla MultiVersus PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It may make the skin of some fighting game aficionados crawl, but Brawlhalla has been quietly very big for some time. MultiVersus represents a real threat to its playerbase, then, because both games are crossplay-powered Super Smash Bros alternatives on multiple platforms. Heck, Warner Bros franchises like Stephen Universe have even appeared in Brawlhalla in the past!

Perhaps recognising it needs a big update to pull players away, the Ubisoft published free-for-all battler has released a new Legend: Ezio Auditore. He’s flanked by an Epic Crossover skin for Eivor, who comes with some KO effects and emotes. There’s also a new map inspired by Florence, as well as a fresh game mode called Bounty, where the first player to score a point takes double damage until they are KO’d and so on.

We must admit, we haven’t played Brawlhalla for a little while now, but this new character has us tempted to pick up the pad. How do you think the Ubisoft option compares to MultiVersus? Kick us off the screen in the comments section below.