Red Dead Online PS4

Red Dead Online fans are coming together to host an in-game funeral for the forgotten — and seemingly abandoned — multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. Next week, on 13th July 2022, those still playing are invited to "dress up in your best funeral attire, get your friends to join", and tag the @RedDeadRDC Twitter account as well as using the #RedDeadFuneral hashtag.

The date is significant because it marks exactly one year since Red Dead Online received its last significant content addition: Blood Money. Since then, the multiplayer mode has only gotten minor fixes, bonus rewards, and a bit of free gear. The fan-led campaign is just the latest in movements to try and alert Rockstar and the wider gaming community to how little support Red Dead Online has received — especially compared to GTA Online.

Less than two months ago, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick acknowledged fan criticism and stressed the online mode hadn't been abandoned, but any new content is up to Rockstar. All Zelnick could confirm is that the online servers would remain active. Despite more than 44 million copies sold, Red Dead Online just isn't getting the support its fans believe it deserves.

And so, on Wednesday next week, the saloons and wild west of Red Dead Online will resemble a funeral gathering. Are you getting your outfit sorted? Make sure to wear black in the comments below.

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