Stray PS5 PlayStation 5 Annapurna Interactive 1

Stray is a promising PS5 and PS4 indie adventure that will be one of All PS Plus Games when it launches next week. But in order to promote the game, publisher Annapurna Interactive is also partnering with a number of charities to help raise money for homeless cats. In the case of the Nebraska Humane Society, donating just $5 will enter you into a sweepstakes to win a code, with the proceeds invested into medical care, feeding, and rehoming stray animals.

And similarly with the UK’s Cats Protection, it’s got codes to giveaway if you sign up to become a Pawsome Player, which essentially amounts to hosting livestreams in order to drive awareness and funding for cat care. All in all, we think this is a great gesture: not only is it thematic marketing for the game, but there are many real-life stray cats out there that need help, so raising money for that is never a bad thing.

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