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Over a year ago, Sony announced that it had purchased a minority stake in Discord and was working towards full integration of the social network on the PS5 and PS4 in 2022. The platform holder even closed down its popular Communities console feature, presumably in preparation for the service’s addition. It’s been more than 12 months, and so far all Discord users are able to do is show their PlayStation play activity.

Now the Japanese giant has been embarrassingly beaten to the punch. Microsoft has revealed that it’s bringing Discord voice calls to the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, although there are caveats to the functionality. Specifically, you’ll need to use your smartphone to get everything setup and then transfer the call to your console, which is far from seamless.

We’re hopeful that Sony’s integration will go deeper than this, and – while it’s unlikely – it’s possible that Microsoft may be getting this news out before PlayStation announces something much more robust. Nevertheless, this is a curious twist: after much chest-beating from the Japanese giant about its transformative integration of Discord, it’s actually Xbox who’s rolling out a key feature first.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that we’d see the fruits of its collaboration with Discord starting early 2022 – well, it’s now late July, and we’re still waiting…

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