PS4 PlayStation 4 Communities

One of PlayStation 4's more unique features is Communities, a social system whereby you can find groups of like-minded players to talk to and play with. Sony introduced the feature to the console back in 2015, so it's part of the PS4 furniture for many users. Unfortunately, it seems the number of active users isn't high enough to keep the lights on — the platform holder is closing down Communities.

We kind of knew this was coming. Recently, Sony began sending out invitations to a new PS4 firmware beta test, and one of the listed changes is the removal of Communities. Before that, the company shut down the Communities app for smart devices. It seems Sony has been intending to wind down the feature for some time, and now it's about to pull the plug.

From April 2021, Communities will no longer be available — that's according to an official communication on PlayStation's website. It's a shame for those that use the feature to stay in touch with others; we know the Push Square Communities page has remained relatively active through the years.

Of course, you aren't short of options for communicating with your pals; the social features on PS4 and PS5 mean you can obviously still message people and share media. Will you miss Communities on PS4? Tell us in the comments section below.

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