Dying Light 2's Bloody Summer event is live right now, and you can paint The City red... literally.

Developer Techland is looking to liven things up, from 30 June to 7 July, by drastically increasing the chance of limbs being severed, heads being decapitated, and bodies being bisected.

If that wasn't reason enough to jump back in, you will actively be rewarded for your labours:

  • Chop off 1 limb to obtain a Harper’s Token.
  • Cut off 300 limbs to obtain a Cutting Edge axe.
  • Together with the entire community - slice off 3,000,000 limbs to obtain the Nightrunner Outfit.

Techland has promised five years of free content for Dying Light 2, and the Bloody Summer event represents another milestone on the title's content roadmap, with the title's first paid DLC coming in September.

We thought Dying Light 2 was a good sequel that was hurt by expectations, and you can read our full thoughts in our review.

Will you aid the community and reap a bloody harvest in order to obtain that sweet Nightrunner Outfit? Sharpen your weapons in the comments section below.

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