Update: It turns out you don't even need the Void Riders DLC to access this bonus crossover between OlliOlli World and Oxenfree. Once you've gotten past the Sketchside area, simply use the MV32FR33 postcode and you can play the bonus content.

Original story: OlliOlli World is getting a free bit of bonus DLC by the way of an Oxenfree collaboration built into the recently released Void Riders expansion. Discovered through a hidden message made out of morse code in a video from developer Roll7, the postcode MV32FR33 is what you'll need. You'll then be able to play as Alex from Oxenfree and perform tricks to a remix of the song Beacon Beach.

Looking ahead, OlliOlli World has another expansion to release at the end of this year. The Void Riders DLC was a great slice of extra content — as highlighted in our 8/10 PS5 review — and so enthusiasts have more to look forward to in the coming months. Perhaps even more crossovers like this are on the way. As for Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, we haven't heard from the game since its announcement in August 2021. It was slated to arrive this year at the time, but whether that still happens remains to be seen.