We suppose you could argue OlliOlli World: VOID Riders is simply more of the same. That's not really much of a negative, though, when the game is already so great. This is the first expansion DLC for OlliOlli World, the wonderful skateboarding side-scroller, bringing a whole bunch of exciting new levels that spice things up with a sci-fi twist.

Aliens have popped down to Radlandia, scouting out areas like Sunshine Valley, Cloverbrook, and Burntrock for their leader, Nebulord. Each aforementioned area gets a handful of new levels to blast through, and a new portion of the map, The V.O.I.D., adds even more. The big new feature is tractor beams, which reverse gravity while you're in range (so long as you're performing a grab trick). Essentially, these allow you to catch major air, fly up to alternate routes, and make huge leaps over impossible gaps.

Combined with UFOs that appear to be abducting rails and platforms from right under you, the new stages add just enough to the flow of OlliOlli World to keep things interesting. Sailing through tractor beams is just plain fun, and the new stages can get very complex, challenging hardened fans with some pretty technical sections.

The V.O.I.D. levels in particular are a highlight, as they take you to a fresh location full of colourful alien landscapes and hovering grind rails. As well as all these new stages, a few new characters provide a bit of context, offering more lighthearted narrative nonsense. Nebulord feeds on hype, his followers believe your pal Mike to be some sort of myth, and they're looking to gather up cows for some reason. It's daft, but like the main game's story, it's also unobtrusive.

VOID Riders is a solid addition to OlliOlli World that justifies itself with a neat new mechanic, fun characters, and some cracking extra levels. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't need to; if you're into it already, this just gives you more excuses to keep things rolling.