Another massive update has arrived in No Man's Sky today, and its name is Endurance. As always, this is a free game update, and it makes some big changes. This time, the focus is on freighters, those big capital ships large enough to house multiple starships.

With the Endurance update installed, freighters are far more customisable and useful. They'll be more like the mobile bases you want them to be, able to feature new rooms for scanning, trading, growing plants, and much more. They can also feature external windows so you can see out into space, and can even feature outside walkways so you can sort-of spacewalk, which is pretty neat. You'll also be able to hire more crew mates to populate your freighter, command your fleet from the new bridge, teleport to your freighter, and more.

Additionally, asteroid fields have been given a boost too, appearing more dense and diverse with this update. Organic, living frigates can be found and collected, nebulae and other phenomena enhance the visuals, and new expedition Polestar puts freighters front and centre.

You can read much more detail through here, and it's fair to say this is another juicy update to the space exploration title. Again, it's available to download right now as a free game update, so get on that if you're still playing No Man's Sky. Will you be checking out Endurance? Launch into the comments section below.

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