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NieR: Automata is, as anyone who has played it can attest, a beautiful and oftentimes bizarre experience. More than five years later, the title continues to blow our minds, as the discovery of what was deemed an impossible door has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

The tale begins innocuously enough, with a simple question: How to access the Church? This question was posed by user sadfutago over on the NieR: Automata SubReddit a few months back, and it caused some confusion, as there doesn't seem to be a church in the game.

Sadfutago was asking on behalf of a friend and was confused as to why their friend could not access the same area they had. Redditors initially dismissed the situation, until sadfutago posted a screenshot as evidence of this church a few weeks later, and a short clip of its location.

Other players were unable to replicate this feat, although many tried. Many believed that the entire thing was faked (given the length of time between posts), and some still do, although no one knows how such deception could be implemented.

Yesterday sadfutago posted a clip that kicked the whole situation into overdrive, a full clip of them accessing the door and the church beyond, and it's pretty awesome to behold (you can also see the clip in the Tweet below).

It's important to note that sadfutago is playing on PS4, as it is around this point that modders began to weigh in, stating that the level of access required to pull something like this off in-game is not currently possible even on PC.

Lance McDonald, who himself discovered the supposed "final secret" (amongst others) left in the game as teased by game director Yoko Taro, had the following to say on the matter:

It's an incredible series of events and a testament to NieR: Automata's legacy that the community is still plumbing its depths, still looking to uncover hidden secrets

What do you think of this whole affair? Of the more than six million people who have played NieR: Automata, only one has provided proof of accessing a room even modders can't believe is real.

Happenstance, or an unbelievably elaborate hoax? Let us know in the comments section below.

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