NieR Automata PS4 PlayStation 4 1

NieR Automata is famous – perhaps, even, infamous – for requiring multiple completions in order to unlock its “true” ending. What if you don’t have time to put in the legwork, though? Well, notorious video game hacktivist Lance McDonald – who’s best known for reverse engineering Bloodborne to make it run at 60 frames-per-second – has uncovered a super-secret cheat code in the Square Enix action RPG that fast-forwards the entire game.

Effectively, the cheat code allows you to jump from the first boss to the very final ending. This is not an exploit: it’s hard coded into the game, and was probably used by the development team for testing purposes. Either that, or it’s just a really, really well-hidden Easter egg. We wonder what other cheat codes exist that no one knows about?