Marvel's Spider-Man PC 1

The two Marvel’s Spider-Man games have sold a spider-sense tingling 33 million copies on just the PS5 and PS4 alone, but you wouldn’t rule out the series pushing several million more units when it comes to PC, would you? Pre-orders opened for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered today, and the release is already wall climbing its way to the top of the Steam best-sellers list.

That’s despite the port – helmed by Dutch developer NIXXES Software – carrying a pretty extortionate £54.99/$59.99 price point. The game’s pretty cheap these days on PlayStation – in fact, you can download the PS4 version specifically as one of All PS Plus Games – but we suppose Sony is looking to extract as much profit as possible from PC players. Looking at these initial pre-order numbers, the strategy is working.

Marvel's Spider-Man PC 2

It’s worth noting that the other big seller on Steam today is Stray, the console exclusive cat game that Sony’s been promoting hard. All in all, we’d say the PlayStation marketing machine is in full working order – even if it can be a bit frustrating at times.