The comparisons will get more complex come launch, of course, but we’ve seen more than enough of The Last of Us: Part I for some pretty good side-by-sides. YouTube channel Analista De Bits has been brilliant at putting together these types of videos, and has done a superb job of contrasting all of the footage available from Naughty Dog’s slightly controversial PS5 remake to the 2014 PS4 Pro version.

Some of the details are massive, others less obvious. For example, the video demonstrates how pretty much all of the animations in the game have been redone – even down to one largely meaningless NPC who now actually uses the handles of his chair to prop himself up. This is minuscule stuff, but it’s there.

The bigger changes relate to the overall revision of the art direction, which looks much more like concept art in the remake, and feels more consistent with the sequel. Explosions have more motion to them – even down to the way details in the scenery bob and sway from the impact. Naughty Dog already discussed the improvements to the physics, which means objects fall over and roll around the ground.

There are even changes to the way some cutscenes have been framed, with new camera positions used to help heighten the sense of tension. There is a lot to dig into here, but there’s no escaping from the fact that, while the new version looks significantly better, the original does still hold up in direct comparison.

And when you consider that the transformative gameplay mechanics from The Last of Us: Part II – like the ability to go prone and dodge – are completely absent, it leaves a lot of heavy lifting for the raw visuals to do. We’re looking forward to playing the game and putting it through its paces ourselves, but for now, the jury’s still ultimately out.

You can find pre-orders for The Last of Us: Part I through the link.