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Hogwarts Legacy’s highest-tier Collector’s Edition could come with a statue of a book that has a floating magic wand suspended above it. This will apparently use magnets to create the illusion, and is referenced in code discovered on the game’s official website. It’s worth noting that these files are not public and could include outdated or inaccurate information, but they are legit and were successfully extracted by Reddit.

The Collector’s Edition also apparently includes 72 hours early access to the game, a steel case, and various other pieces of DLC, including a Thestral Mount, a Kelpie Robe, the Dark Arts Cosmetics Pack, the Dark Arts Battle Arena, and the Dark Arts Garrison Hat. Alternatively, a Digital Deluxe Edition will come with all of the above, minus the steel case (obviously) and the nifty floating magic wand statue. Of course, you’ll also be able to simply buy the bog-standard version of the game if you prefer.

We’re not a huge fan of the 72 hours early access, especially as this isn’t a multiplayer release, where this practice is a little more common. Nevertheless, we’re excited to learn more about these special editions when they’re officially revealed; hopefully this all points to an impending release date for the game.

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Pre-orders for the game's standard and special editions are now live.

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