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Ah, Twitter – the social media platform for hot gaming takes rather than sweaty gym pics. (Do you even lift if you don’t film it for the ‘Gram?) We’ve been spending less and less time on social media of late – it’s not quite the engaging novelty it once was, is it? – but plenty of gamers are still taking to sites like Twitter to talk about their favourite games. In particular, Genshin Impact.

The uber-popular gacha was the most talked about title on Twitter in 2021, and it remains so through the first half of 2022 – defeating even Elden Ring, which wasn’t as high as you’d assume. Wordle finished up in second, which makes sense considering its deep-links into Twitter – that irritating emoji pattern the game publishes has also helped turn us off social media – while Ensemble Stars finished up in third. We’ve never heard of Ensemble Stars, but a quick Google search confirms everything we’d feared about it.

Here’s the top ten most talked about titles on Twitter from 2022 so far:

  1. Genshin Impact
  2. Wordle
  3. Ensemble Stars
  4. Final Fantasy
  5. Project Sekai
  6. Apex Legends
  7. Elden Ring
  8. Fate/Grand Order
  9. Valorant
  10. The Legend of Zelda

As you can see, the likes of Final Fantasy and Apex Legends also made the top ten, but it’s actually slim-pickings on the PlayStation front, with mobile games clearly conquering the conversation comfortably. The absence of Fortnite is particularly surprising to us, especially seeing as it had its big season finale recently, but perhaps it just doesn’t have enough gacha anime girls to appeal to the Twitter crowd.