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Fortnite’s latest live event, Collision, has concluded Chapter 3 Season 2 with an extraordinary mech battle sequence. The roughly 15-or-so minute set-piece saw squads of four – this author teamed up with soccer star Neymar Jr and Obi-Wan Kenobi – help commandeer a mech, which was tasked with taking down the Collider – a monument fans will already be familiar with on the island.

While largely scripted, the production values of this one-time sequence were absolutely wild. Players were tasked with taking out tanks, rival mechs, and incoming missiles – before being plunged underground for a final battle with Slone. Here, both series mascot Jones and The Foundation – voiced by The Rock – tagged along to help out.

You can watch the full event below:

Fortnite is offline now until the new season arrives, which is rumoured to include characters like Darth Vader, who was momentarily teased during the event. In the meantime, the game is pumping out some procedurally generated lo-fi beats, powered by the Unreal Engine. Then, we do it all again tomorrow with the start of a new season. With that in mind, Epic Games has released an early look at some of the skins you can expect in Season 3 through here.