Fortnite's latest event is No Sweat Summer, which brings around a fortnight's worth (heh) of content in celebration of the silly season. Live now, the event will last until 9th August, introducing fresh challenges, new quests and exciting map updates.

This time, the gimmick is that you are a part of the No Sweat Insurance Company's street team. The quests and challenges will see players engaged in tasks like placing adverts, securing sponsorships, and even contributing to the reconstruction of the Tilted Towers. In universe, No Sweat is responsible for repairing the heinous damage caused by players.

In other Fortnite news, we learned that the popular shooter might be going first-person at some point in the future.

Are you playing Fortnite right now? What do you think of the No Sweat Summer event and the current season, Vibin', in general? Don't forget your sunscreen in the comments section below.