It’s the biggest game in the world, but in order for Fortnite to grow, it needs to tap new tastes and audiences. We’ve already seen how Epic Games is willing to completely reinvent the Battle Royale’s gameplay loop, introducing a Zero Build mode for those who want to focus on the lootin’ and shootin’. And now it looks like a first-person perspective could be in the pipeline.

Obviously, games like Call of Duty: Warzone already adopt an FPS viewpoint, so it makes sense to appeal to that crowd. And reliable dataminer HYPEX claims that the developer is testing out the new perspective internally. Now it’s worth mentioning that just because it’s experimenting with first-person shooter controls, doesn’t mean it’ll ever offer it publicly.

It’s also worth remembering that cosmetics are a big money spinner for Fortnite, so while first-person would potentially allow the developer to do more gun customisation, it’s going to be harder to sell fancy skins if you can’t actually see them. Ultimately, though, if this does eventually ship, we imagine it’ll be in an alternative playlist, separate from the main modes. That’s because players in a third-person perspective would have a unique competitive advantage, as first-person would restrict your ability to peek around walls and out of cover.

All of that aside, would you be willing to try out Fortnite as an FPS? Take aim at the comments section below.